My photography evolution appears to be somewhat cyclical upon reflection. I grew up on the Oregon coast, with no real appreciation for the beauty around me. Then in my early 20's I began hiking and backpacking in the Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters, and the Eagle Cap Wilderness areas of Oregon. I had a strong desire to preserve the great mental images of the landscapes I was experiencing. As a result, I began attempting to capture these moments and images with photographs. I began taking photographs with a Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm. After about twenty years of storing thousands of Kodak transparencies, I became interested in improving my techniques and took several photography classes. These classes literally "opened my eyes" to looking at the landscape and the scenes before me in an entirely different manner. I began seeing patterns, designs, and images all around me. My love and appreciation for the outdoors seemed to grow larger and more passionate. My initial focus was on the mountains where I had been spending so much time. Yet, I was seeing beauty, patterns, and colors in places I had never noticed before. Photographic opportunities were showing up wherever I looked. Yet, I was finding that it took "work" to arrange these elements and pieces into a cohesive image that truly reflected what I had initially noticed. I wanted to return to the great wilderness places where I began my photography. I soon realized that the area where I had spent my early years held just as much beauty as the mountains, and I renewed my familiarity with the beaches and rocks of the northwestern coast. I also began to notice there was great beauty in many of man's imprints on the land. I desired to make images of the beauty of man's creation with the environment, such as the graceful arching of the lit cables of a suspension bridge at twilight.

It has only been since early 2004 that I have entirely switched over to digital photography. This has allowed me to take advantage of "instant feedback" and to grow at a faster rate than the transparency days. I have had the fortunate opportunity to attend several week long classes from Charlie Waite and Tom Sullam. Both of these fine gentlemen have greatly influenced and challenged me in my pursuit of both landscape and architectural photography. Other photographers I admire are David Muench, John Shaw, Brenda Tharp, and Galen Rowell.